Fee schedule

Fee Schedule 2018


 Tuition Fees Annual Fixed Charges* Total Annual Commitment
(5 sessions)
Class 1$4,713$610$5,323
Class 2$4,713$355$5,068
Class 3$4,713$850$5,563
Class 4$4,713$995$5,708
Class 5$4,713$1,010$5,723
Class 6$4,713$675$5,388
Class 7$4,713$1,350$6,063
Class 8$4,986$1,290$6,276
Class 9$4,986$1,335$6,321
Class 10$4,986$1,135$6,121
Class 11$4,986$1,725$6,711
Class 12 $5,409$1,335$6,744


CAPITAL LEVY per family
Capital Levy$300


ANNUAL LEVIES per family
Steiner Education Australia levy$55.00
School Newsletter$20.00


Term Instalments are ¼ of annual fees and are due in the first week of each term


Early Payment Due Dates

  • 5% discount on Tuition Fees applies if the annual account is paid in full by the first week of Term 1.
  • 3% discount on Tuition Fees applies if:-
      • Term 1 & 2 fees are paid by the first week of Term 1
      • Term 3 & 4 fees are paid by the first week of Term 3

Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts are applicable to multiple enrolments within the family

Enrolment Fee

An initial once only non-refundable enrolment fee of $300 is applicable for the first student and $150 for subsequent children