Head of School
Katrina Kytka

Katrina Kytka has been a part of the leadership team at the Willunga Waldorf School for the last decade and was appointed to the Head of School role at the beginning of 2017. Katrina has previously worked as Primary School Co-coordinator, Learning Support Coordinator, Teacher Librarian and class teacher at WWS, with qualifications in each area. As a result she has experience, knowledge and understanding of the learning needs, strengths and potential of individual students from Kindergarten to Year 12. Katrina’s commitment to Steiner Education dates back to working as a parent to help establish the first Kindergarten.

Prior to Willunga Waldorf School, Katrina spent many years working as a class teacher and teacher librarian in state schools. Her four children all completed their Waldorf Education at Mount Barker, resulting in Katrina’s keen awareness of the critical importance of parent teacher collaboration.

Part of the Head of School vision for Willunga is a generative and contemporary expression of Steiner’s pedagogy, unique to this place and context.

Katrina is responsible for the day to day leadership and management of the school in collaboration with the Business Manager, Leadership Team and College of Teachers. The Head of School has responsibility for overall accountabilities and is charged with authority and executive power, to act in the best interests of the school and to enact agreements and policies.

The Head of School is formally accountable to the Council and is reviewed annually with input from all stakeholders.

Leadership Team

The leadership team includes the Early Childhood, Primary School and High School Coordinators plus the Head of School and Business Manager who work in close collaboration with the College of Teachers and all faculties.

Business Manager – Graeme Tucker
Primary School Coordinator – Jodie Thomas

Early Childhood Coordinator – Irene Bragg

High School Coordinator – Sophie Binder


College of Teachers

College Chair – Andrew Banks

The College of Teachers is the body responsible for the pedagogical leadership of the school and the development and implementation of policies and procedures relating to the education of students at Willunga Waldorf School. It is actively engaged in shaping the culture, direction and evolution of the school. The College meets weekly to explore pedagogical and cultural questions, based on both study and experience.




Student Leadership

Students from Classes 8 to 12 are delivered to the student leadership team each year by their peers on the basis of qualities of leadership as determined and agreed by the student body. The student leadership team works with teachers and students to organise special school events and provide student voice in matters of policy and procedure.