Head of School and Business Manager

The Head of School and Business Manager are formally accountable to the School Council and are reviewed annually with input from all stakeholders.

Jodie’s journey started as a parent in 1996, bringing her twin boys to playgroup at Willunga Waldorf School. As a parent, Jodie supported the school as a P&F prep and classroom inclusion assistant.  Jodie started work at Willunga Waldorf School in 2007, teaching in Primary School and then Middle School. During this time, Jodie has served on the school council for 3 years, as Primary School Faculty leader for 4 years, College Chair twice for 3 years and now as Head of School.

Sharon joined Willunga Waldorf School in 2023 as the Business Manager having previously worked in the non-profit sector.


Leadership Team

The leadership team includes the Early Childhood, Primary School and High School Faculty Leaders plus the Head of School and Business Manager who work in close collaboration with the College of Teachers and all faculties.

Kerstin has worked at Willunga Waldorf School since 2016 providing Extra Lesson and Learning Support Coordination services in the Reception and lower primary years. In 2022 Kerstin joined the leadership team and now also coordinates the Community Education Program.

Andrew has been at Willunga Waldorf School for 12 years. Having completed 2 five-year cycles as a Class Teacher, he has spent the last two years as Primary School Faculty Leader. Andrew has also served on the school council for 6 years and been a College Chair for 3 years.

Sophie has worked at Willunga Waldorf School since 2006 as a Spanish, SOSE and English Teacher as well as a stint as our Head of School. She is in her third Class Guardian cycle and is our current Class 9 Guardian as well as High School Coordinator.

This is Pete’s 7th year working at Willunga Waldorf School. He has previously worked in Learning Support and Extra Lesson as well as being the High School Coordinator. Pete is currently a Project Manager supporting leadership on a range of short and long term initiatives. He is the current Class 12 Guardian having been with the class since Class 8. Pete also coaches several of the schools soccer team which brings him great enjoyment.


College of Teachers

The College of Teachers is the body responsible for the pedagogical leadership of the school and the development and implementation of policies and procedures relating to the education of students at Willunga Waldorf School. It is actively engaged in shaping the culture, direction and evolution of the school. The College meets weekly to explore pedagogical and cultural questions, based on both study and experience.

Chantelle has been working at WIllunga Waldorf School for 7 years as the lead teacher in Jacaranda Kindergarten. Chantelle is the current joint college chair with Allye Sinclair and is the staff representative on School Council.

Allye has worked at Willunga Waldorf School for 17 years. Allye has had roles as Music Director, parent, Instrumental Teacher, Music Teacher for Classes 6-12, Class Guardian, Drama Teacher and currently co-chair of College. In 2024 Allye continues most of these roles as well as being our current Class 8 Guardian.


Student Leadership

Students from Classes 8 to 12 are delivered to the student leadership team each year by their peers on the basis of qualities of leadership as determined and agreed by the student body. The student leadership team works with teachers and students to organise special school events and provide student voice in matters of policy and procedure.


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