Fee schedule

Fee Schedule 2022


Tuition Fees Annual Fixed Charges* Total Annual Commitment
(5 sessions)
Class 1$5,005$725$5,730
Class 2$5,005$453$5458
Class 3$5,005$994$5,999
Class 4$5,005$1,164$6,169
Class 5$5,005$1,182$6,187
Class 6$5,005$1,225$6,230
Class 7$5,005$1,563$6,568
Class 8$5,294$1,498$6,792
Class 9$5,294$1,550$6,844
Class 10$5,294$1,322$6,616
Class 11$5,294$1,990$7,284
Class 12 $5,743$1,550$7,293


CAPITAL LEVY per family
Capital Levy$350


ANNUAL LEVIES per family
Steiner Education Australia levy$60.00


Term Instalments are ¼ of annual fees and are due in the first week of each term


Annual Fixed Charges

These cover all classroom materials, activities, camps and excursions.
In High School this contributes to the cost of additional resources for drama, music, electives and IT.
In Primary School this includes musical instrument charges for Class 1 and Class 3 and the strings program for Class 2-6.

Annual Family Levies

  • The Capital Levy is a contribution toward the replacement cost for school infrastructure and development.
  • The Steiner Education Australia levy supports the work of the national association for Steiner schools, in particular the development and implementation of a national Steiner Curriculum to meet Commonwealth Government requirements.

Early Payment Due Dates

  • 5% discount on Tuition Fees applies if the annual account is paid in full by Friday 11 February.
  • 3% discount on Tuition Fees applies if:-
      • Term 1 & 2 fees are paid by the Friday 11 Februrary
      • Term 3 & 4 fees are paid by the Friday 29 July

Payment Terms

Families that are not paying fees upfront or by term are required to complete a scheduled direct debit request form and return to the school by Friday 28th January 2022. Installments are worked out over a 40 week/20 fortnight cycle and are expected to clear your account by the end of November each year. If you are unable to meet this commitment you will need to organise an appointment for an alternate payment plan before Friday 11th February 2022.

Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts are applicable to multiple enrolments within the family

Second Child                                        20% off Tuition Fees

Third Child                                           40% off Tuition Fees

Fourth and subsequent child                60% off Tuition Fees

School Card

Families eligible for financial support through a DECS School Card application can receive an allowance of 30% off the Tuition Fee for each child. Discount will only be applied against your account once we have received notice of your eligibility. Kindergarten students are not eligible for the School Card allowance. More information is available at  https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/financial-help-scholarships-and-grants/school-card-scheme.

Volunteering & Scholarships

To off-set the Capital Levy, families can elect to volunteer their time to work in our garden. 16 hours per year will cover the full levy. This needs to be completed prior to the end of Term 3 to be applied to this years fees. For further details please contact the office.

Families can also register to volunteer in the gardens on Monday and Wednesday mornings or in our canteen in order to receive a termly scholarship. An application form will need to be filled and returned to the office by the end of week, Term 1.

Late Enrolments

Late enrolments are invoiced on a pro rata basis.


Parents/Caregivers wishing to withdraw a child from the school must give a minimum of one full term’s notice in writing. Notice given during a term will incur payment in full for the following Term.