Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees Annual Fixed Charges* Total Annual Commitment
Kindergarten (5 sessions)$2,655$125 $2,780
Reception $5,310 $252 $5,562
Class 1 $5,310 $748 $6,058
Class 2 $5,310 $467 $5,777
Class 3 $5,310 $1,102 $6,412
Class 4 $5,310$1,202 $6,512
Class 5 $5,310 $1,220 $6,530
Class 6 $5,310 $1,265 $6,575
Class 7 $5,310 $1,403 $6,713
Class 8 $5,616 $1,547 $7,163
Class 9 $5,616 $1,649$7,265
Class 10 $5,616 $1,365 $6,981
Class 11 $5,616 $1,669 $7,285
Class 12 $6,093 $1,605 $7,698
CAPITAL LEVY per family
Capital Levy $375
ANNUAL LEVIES per family
Steiner Education Australia levy $60

Annual Fixed Charges

These cover all classroom materials, activities, camps and excursions.
In High School this contributes to the cost of additional resources for drama, music, electives and IT.
In Primary School this includes musical instrument charges for Class 1 and Class 3 and the strings program for Class 3-7.

Liability for School Fees

All signatories to the enrolment documentation are liable for the payment of fees and charges unless the School is advised of a change in circumstances and forms are resigned and accepted by the School.

Options for Payment of School Fees

  • To receive a discount on Tuition Fees, pay annual fees in full by the end of Week 1 in Term 1, or
  • Pay fees by instalments throughout the year by setting up an account with Edstart.

Note: Fees for Playgroup and After School Kid Club will continue to be payable directly to the School. 

Non-Payment of School Fees

Fees become overdue if:

  • They have not been paid in full by the end of Week 1 in Term 1: or
  • An account has not been set up with Edstart and a payment plan established.

Non-payment of fees may result in your child’s enrolment at the School being cancelled.

Tuition Fee Discounts

  • 5% discount on Tuition Fees if full payment is made by the end of Week 1 Term 1.
  • 3% discount on Tuition Fees applies if 50% payment is made by the end of Week 1 Term 1 and 50% payment is made by the end of Week 1 Term3.

Sibling Discounts

Second Child 20% off Tuition Fees

Third Child 40% off Tuition Fees

Fourth and subsequent child 60% off Tuition Fees

School Card

Families eligible for financial support through a DECS School Card application can receive an allowance of 30% off the Tuition Fee for each child. Discount will only be applied against your account once we have received notice of your eligibility. Kindergarten students are not eligible for the School Card allowance. More information is available at https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/financial-help-scholarships-and-grants/school-card-scheme.


To off-set the Capital Levy, families can elect to volunteer their time to work in our garden on Monday and Wednesday mornings. 16 hours per year will cover the full levy. This needs to be completed prior to the end of Term 3 to be applied to this years fees. For further details please contact the office.

Late Enrolments

Late enrolments are invoiced on a pro rata basis.


We ask parents/caregivers wishing to withdraw a child from the school to provide at least 6 weeks’ notice. Full term fees for the final term of attendance will be charged.


We recognise that choosing a school is a big decision. We invite you to visit us and learn more about how a Waldorf education at Willunga Waldorf School can benefit your child.

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