School Council

The School Council provides governance of Willunga Waldorf School. The School Council consists of two nominees of the Parents and Friends Association, two nominees of the College of Teachers, three nominees of the Council itself, the Head of School and the Business Manager. Its role includes oversight of strategic planning and ensuring the school meets all its statutory and regulatory compliance requirements. The Council is the school’s legal guardian.

Current members of the School Council are :

Saffron Simpson (Chair)                    Andrew Bentley                       Simon Paul                   Sophie Binder

Hannah Matthews               Simon Stafford              Andrew Banks             Sean Ashford          Michael Braithwaite

The Council meets a minimum of twice per school term.  A separate Compliance and Finance Sub-committee also meets at least twice per term and provides more detailed oversight of the regulatory and financial requirements of the school.  The sub-committee is chaired by a Council member and reports directly to Council.  Current members of the sub-committee are :

Hannah Matthews (Chair)             Paul Rosser                   Neil Irvine               Amanda Marcel             Michael Braithwaite

Association Membership

The Willunga Waldorf School is owned by an Incorporated Association and all staff and parents are eligible to be members of the Association. The school is governed by a School Council in accord with it’s constitution which was last updated in 2016.  A copy of the constitution is available for download on this website page.

Under the terms of the Association constitution, eligible members must formally register their interest in participating by lodging an application for membership by the end of the final week of Term 1. This must be completed every year. The formal registration process is necessary to allow members voting rights at the AGM and must be renewed annually. The date of the AGM is governed by legal requirements for reporting of the school’s financial affairs and governance structures and under the Constitution the annual date is set by the school Council.

Annual General Meeting

The 2020 AGM was held on Wednesday 20th May 2020 in the new High School Building where space allowed proper social distancing for the numbers attending.  The Annual Report for 2019 operations and the final audited financial accounts for 2019 are posted on this website for reference.  All matters for discussion at the AGM were accepted unanimously.  Minutes of the meeting, as approved by the Chair, are available to members from the Admin office.