The Steiner Difference

“Receive the child in reverence, educate them in love: let them go forth in freedom.”

Rudolf Steiner

What is unique about Steiner Education?

The aim of Steiner education is to enable and support the healthy development of the whole individual, positioning graduates to think freely, meet complexity and impart purpose and direction to their lives.

Beginning in the formative years with healthy, age appropriate, childhood foundations, Steiner Education develops not only the intelligence of the open mind, CURIOSITY, but also the intelligences of the open heart and will, COMPASSION and COURAGE.

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At Willunga Waldorf School we consciously cultivate…

Imagination and Curiosity

by valuing competence, curiosity and creativity over narrow testing and ranking.


by valuing character development and the uniqueness of each individual student over content.

Belonging and Relationships

by valuing parent teacher partnerships, participation, collaboration and team work over competition.


Broad Based Learning

through an interdisciplinary and responsive curriculum that delivers experiences and opportunities, designed to meet the various ages, stages and needs of the students. Subjects often considered extra curricula elsewhere, are central at Steiner schools. The arts, music, gardening, foreign languages, tech, mathematics, sciences, movement, self and social awareness are all highly valued for bringing the right experiences at the right time.

Breathing and Rhythm

through a Main Lesson approach whereby three-week blocks of two hours per day can be dedicated to a specific subject focus.  This allows students to penetrate deeply into their area of learning without the interruption of artificial lesson breaks. In addition, the daily rhythm is designed and balanced to support thinking, feeling and doing activities.


Education is an Art

in a curriculum that recapitulates the development of human consciousness through story, myth, legend, history and biography and educates the whole child; not just the head but the heart and the hands as well.

Practical Application of Learning

through a strong emphasis on students learning how to “do” things and extrapolate their understanding beyond the classroom rather than merely learning “about” a topic.

Responsible Stewardship

of social and physical environments with much of the curriculum being ecologically based in the wisdom of nature.  The changing of the seasons is celebrated through festivals.



In the provision of high quality learning spaces, designed and structured to support the education with beauty as a key principle within and without.

Morning Circle

Throughout the Primary School, the day begins with a morning circle that comprises music, movement and singing.   In High School, students and staff at Willunga Waldorf participate each morning in collective a’capella singing in the round. This allows the students to build a repertoire of four part vocal music, where older students mentor younger students and the culture of the school is formed and reflected in the voices of all present. This tradition has been in place for many years. It is one of the most unique aspects of the school, providing a routine, opportunity for learning challenge but also support to the growing child and teenager whose tendency for inwardness is balanced by the outward expression of singing.


We recognise that choosing a school is a big decision. We invite you to visit us and learn more about how a Waldorf education at Willunga Waldorf School can benefit your child.

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