Outdoor Education

“The future will belong to the nature-smart—those individuals, families, businesses and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need.”

Richard Louv

Why Outdoor Education?

The outdoor environment provides a place to learn, reflect, evaluate and share experiences. Students develop an appreciation for nature, a sense of adventure, confidence in their own abilities, the capacity for responsible risk taking, leadership, team work and decision making skills.

Students are taught to become stewards and adventurers of nature through our camps program. From Primary to High School, our students experience so much more than standard excursions or overnight class camps. Our Outdoor Education Program includes:

  • Class 1 – Day excursions
  • Class 2 – Overnight tenting on school grounds, day excursions
  • Class 3 – Farm Camp
  • Class 4 – Indigenous/Geography/Zoology Camp
  • Class 5 – Geography/Botany Camp
  • Class 6 – Geology/Geography Camp
  • Class 7 – Geography Camp in the Flinders Ranges
  • Class 8 – Orientation Week and Cycling Camp
  • Class 9 – Art & Geography Camp and Rock-climbing Camp
  • Class 10 – Oceanography Camp and Surveying Camp
  • Class 11 – Botany Camp
  • Class 12 – Orientation Camp and Art trip


We recognise that choosing a school is a big decision. We invite you to visit us and learn more about how a Waldorf education at Willunga Waldorf School can benefit your child.

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