Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is a parent, volunteer run school shop selling handmade toys, crafts, books, gifts and art, craft and some school supplies.  All proceeds go towards selected school projects or initiatives that support the school and Waldorf philosophy. We stock some of the supplies that the children use or receive at school, including ‘blank’ craft bags (new families please check with your class teacher in the lower primary years), 16ply wool, modelling wax, 100% wool felt, beeswax crayons, Lyra pencils, fountain pens, fleece for wet felting, school endorsed hats, Sunshadow slippers (see below), play cloths and tin lunch boxes.

Volunteers to assist us with opening hours are always welcome.  It involves about an hour in the morning or after school to take out the flag, collect the cash tin, record sales and pack up.  ‘Training’ is provided and someone will support you for the first few openings. Email rainbowroom@wws.sa.edu.au if you are interested in helping.

If opening is not something you can help with, there are many other ways to volunteer including ordering stock, winding wool, joining the committee or crafting.  It’s very rewarding and a great way to meet people. Please visit us on our Facebook page to find information on workshops, craft and inspirations or should you wish to contact us please email: rainbowroom@wws.sa.edu.au

Sunshadow Slippers

The Rainbow Room is able to order these slippers in bulk at wholesale cost and the savings are passed on in our pricing.  The shop is usually fully stocked with a large range of slippers early in the year.  Come in with your child’s size, draw an outline of their foot on paper or stand them on a ruler and measure toe tip to heel.  Add 1-2cm and this will be their slipper size in cm.  To view the Sunshadow design options please visit their website:  www.sunshadowslippers.com.au   We also have some crochet slipper options made by a school grandparent.

Workshop Program

Please see noticeboards for workshop programs. Bookings are essential and a minimum number of participants is required. Book via rainbowroom@wws.sa.edu.au

Coffee and Craft

Friday mornings:  9am until 11:30am in Room B, behind the administration building.  Beginners and children under parental guidance, most welcome. You are welcome to bring your own projects along.