The teaching of languages at Willunga Waldorf School not only aims to help the child communicate in a different language but also extend reception of sound and understanding of words. Understanding language and culture helps the child deepen their own ability of perception and social conscience, helping them become a citizen of the world.

Primary School Spanish

In Classes 1-3, the language is delivered conversationally with little English instructions. Lessons cover content that compliments the curriculum being taught with their class teacher. Thus, the Spanish alphabet and its sounds, greetings, numbers, colours, the weather, clothing, the body, family, animals, parts of the house, time and verbs and more become a foundation of their vocabulary. They are delivered at a developmentally appropriate level using a variety of songs, poems, stories, drawings and games without the need for rote drills or translation.

Although recitation is done in unison, children have time to practice their skills whilst they draw and converse about themselves, friends, family and daily activities slowly increasing to wrote work in Class 3. During these years the children connect to various Spanish and Latin American cultures creating context with a range of different traditional craft, cooking and dance.

In Classes 4-7, the oral conversation and recitation continues, but the work becomes more academic. The children are now writing in Spanish as they use their familiar poems and songs to construct ideas. Students continue to engage in content that compliments what is being taught in their classrooms. Latin American animals and geography and shapes and prepositions in Class 4. Ancient Mesoamérica, cooking and methods, folkloric Art and buying and selling at the marketplace in Class 5.

The learning in Class 6 and 7 shifts as students engage in structured formal grammar lessons which involve verb conjugation and grammatical rules. During these years students’ progress from reading familiar texts, to unfamiliar formal texts and as reading and writing skills grow, they are able to develop paragraphs combining a variety of spelling and grammar rules and vocabulary connections. Students practice their oral skills and pronunciation of Spanish-specific sounds by participating in drama plays and excursions which include one to a spanish restaurant where they order their food and engage with waitstaff. They implement their written literacy skills in a variety of projects, from the making of board games to travel brochures which include knowledge of Hispanic cultures.

Students finish primary school Spanish with an appreciation and understanding of language and culture introduced to them by exploring the 21 countries in the world that speak Spanish.

High School Spanish

The High School Spanish curriculum at Willunga Waldorf School for students in Classes 8 through 12 is a comprehensive and engaging educational experience designed to foster a deep understanding of the Spanish language and culture. Classes 8 through 10 focus on building a strong foundation in the language through immersive learning methods, including storytelling, arts, and music. Class 11 and 12 students can join the Spanish elective, offering a diverse range of options to cater to individual interests and strengths.

The High School Spanish curriculum not only emphasizes language proficiency but also offers immersive experiences such as a Spain Trip and Student Exchange Program. These opportunities foster a well-rounded education, encouraging students to embrace the Spanish language and culture in a meaningful way while promoting international understanding and cultural enrichment.

Spain Trip

One of the exciting opportunities of the High School Spanish curriculum is the Spain trip for students in Classes 10 through 12. This trip allows students to apply their language skills in real-world settings, engage with Spanish culture firsthand, and deepen their understanding of the language’s nuances. The Spain trip is usually organised every two years and visits major cities and historical landmarks in Spain as well as visiting fellow Waldorf schools.


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