Physical Education

“Just as love and joy should permeate the surroundings of the child in the earliest years of life, so through physical exercises the growing etheric body should experience an inner feeling of its own growth, of its ever increasing strength.”

Rudolf Steiner

Willunga Waldorf School offers a diverse specialist Physical Education program from Class 6 to Class 12.

From the three-fold perspective, the Physical Education curriculum can be defined as:

  • Physical development [Willing]
  • Social development    [Feeling]
  • Self-development       [Thinking]

We aim to develop the whole human being by fostering social and personal responsibility, student leadership, physical skills, capabilities, and development through various means including;

  • SEPEP (Sport Education in Physical Education Programs) Student Lead Opportunities.
  • Over 15 different seasonally and developmentally appropriate sports that ensure a truly holistic and engaging experience. A full-size Soccer pitch, Indoor Volleyball Court, and Outside Netball and Basketball Courts are just some of the excellent faculties that are offered to our students.
  • Community involvement in offering opportunities outside the school in lawn bowls, tennis, golf, and other community-based sports.
  • Freedom to collaborate with students and plan out individualized sports based on their preferences, fostering a sense of connection to physical activity.

At Willunga Waldorf School, we take pride in our success in interschool knockout sports within the community, with notable achievements in soccer, volleyball, table tennis, and more. This reflects our commitment to providing well-rounded and competitive opportunities for students to engage in.


We recognise that choosing a school is a big decision. We invite you to visit us and learn more about how a Waldorf education at Willunga Waldorf School can benefit your child.

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