“To truly know the world, deeply look within your own being, to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world”.

Rudolf Steiner

The world today continues to ask young people to effectively and safely engage with the technological tools that are available. Allowing students to direct their curiosity towards a wide range of non-screen based technologies and, when suitable, a wide range of skill-orientated tools, prepares them for the plethora of developmental opportunities that wait them. We provide age-appropriate ICT education which allows students to cultivate their awareness and confidence to navigate this sea of creative potential according to their age and developmental stage. Through direct experience, students understand the core principles that led to the creation of early electrical devices and the origin of the first programmable computer.

Class 8 ICT

Following an immersion in the history of electricity and magnetism, the Class 8 ICT program introduces students to a wide range of computer based technologies. Students become proficient with the Microsoft Office software package, understand binary systems, learn how to safely enjoy online experiences and use the school’s virtual intranet world to express their inner creativity.

Class 10 ICT

In Class 10 students investigate IT through the use of a wide range of software and their application (programming, virtual world construction, 3D printing, laser printing, movie, design, architecture, photoshop and pixel art, animation etc.) This learning culminates in the student creating a virtual or physical product.

Creative Computing

Students can choose to participate in the Creative Computing Elective in Class 8-10. In this elective we provide resources and time for students who wish to push their skills in various creative uses of computer technologies. This may be things such as learning computer programming or using specific computer software in a creative pursuit or using computer driven devices such as robots, 3D printers or laser cutter.


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