Autumn Fair

Autumn Fair – Saturday 27th March 2021

The Parents and Friends, who oversee the organisation of the Autumn Fair, are keen to facilitate an event in Autumn 2021.  We are aware, of course, that it will not look the same as it has in the past.  Much effort, preparation and planning goes into our usual big event, and with the instability of COVID-19, it seems wise to proceed with some caution.

We are aware of the great sense of community that the Autumn Fair brings to both students, parents, the staff and immediate community.  More than fundraising, we hold this closest to our thoughts as we plan ahead.

As we plan, consider and negotiate our options and possibilities, we look forward to welcoming the school community and friends to our Christmas Market on December 4th 3-7pm.

The Rainbow Room also continues to be open on the second Saturday of the month 9-11.  Stay connected on Facebook – The Rainbow Room – for week time hours also.