From Class 3 onwards, students participate in “Bothmer Gymnastics”, a series of exercises and routines developed by Count Fritz Von Bothmer in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner. Bothmer was one of the first teachers in the Waldorf school and his work was informed by his deep understanding of Anthroposophy.

Bothmer lessons are unique to Waldorf Education and form the foundation of the P.E curriculum in the Primary school. The lessons help to prepare students for more competitive sports later in their schooling.

The exercises work on the children’s will, feeling and thinking, helping them to incarnate into their bodies, developing gross motor skills, finding balance, co-ordination, and spatial awareness.

Each year group has a series of exercises designed specifically for their stage of development. “Roundelays” (movement with rhyming verses), rhythmical jumping sequences, stretches and the use of wooden staves are some of the characteristics of Bothmer lessons. The sessions also include skill building games ranging from imaginative “chasing” games in the lower years to more complex team games in the upper years.



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