Willunga Waldorf School makes a Class 8 student “Principal for a Day”

On 4 June 2014, Willunga Waldorf School will be involved in a national initiative of the Principals Australia Institute (PAI), Student Principal for a Day.

One Willunga Waldorf School student will get the chance to:

•     Step into the shoes of the “principal” for a day

•     Take part in a number of leadership opportunities throughout the day (negotiated with Willunga Waldorf School’s Principal, Janet Molloy)

•     Contribute to a national online student conversation about leadership and the issues relevant to today’s students

Fern Mines, Class 8 student, is looking forward to the opportunity and says “I’m already on the HS Leadership Group and this will give me the chance to meet with staff to talk about the HS Sports Day we’re planning. I also look forward to co-running an assembly with the Principal and visiting classrooms.”

Janet Molloy, Principal, says: “This is a wonderful initiative and helps to give an insight into the job that is often a bit of a mystery to students. To the student, it’s obvious what the teachers jobs are but what does the Principal do? What skills are required? How do they get to be Principal? With whom do they interact? And so the questions can go on. At the end of our time together, I hope that Fern will have an understanding of what I do and how I go about it in order to support the ethos and the smooth operation of the school.”

Written by Charlotte Robinson