Class camps take place each year for every class from 3-11. They are an integral part of the curriculum and are therefore not optional. In Class 2 children usually spend a night in tents at school, and each year from then on the camps become successively more adventurous in terms of distance, and time spent away from home. We believe our camps:

  • strengthen the children, increasing their independence, self esteem and well-being
  • strengthen the social climate of the Class, forging links between children, and between the teacher and children, as they discover new qualities in each other, and building a stronger sense of community in the Class
  • develop personal qualities in the children as they face new and unfamiliar challenges in a secure environment
  • fit with an Australian cultural appreciation of the outdoors and being ‘at home’ in the bush
  • enable aspects of the curriculum to be further developed, eg., botany, Aboriginal studies, geology, local history

Currently our camps are those listed below.  Classes also undertake overnight excursions/mini camps for a variety of reasons.

Class 3

Narnu Farm Camp: 3 days of activities connected to the Farming Main Lessons. Location: Hindmarsh Island.

Class 4

Coorong Camp: 3 days of activities run by local Ngarringerri people. Location: The Coorong.

Class 5

Camping in Tents Experience: 3 days. Location: Deep Creek or Woodhouse in the Adelaide Hills.

Class 6

Kangaroo Island Camp: 5 days, connecting with Main Lessons on Geology, Astronomy, Physics and European exploration and settlement of South Australia. Location: Kangaroo Island.

Class 7

Camel Trek: 8 days, connecting with work on Australian Geography and with the ‘Age of Discovery’ Main Lesson. Location: Northern Flinders Ranges

Class 8

Bike Riding Camp: 5 days, connecting with Physics ML on Aero and Fluid Dynamics, and with the Human Biology Main Lesson.  Location: Mid-north or Yorke Peninsula.

Class 9

Caving & Rock-Climbing Camp: 5 days, connecting with the Geology Main Lesson.

‘Stillness and Silence’ Camp: Overnight as part of the Rite Journey program.

Class 10

Oceanography Camp: 5 days during Term 2. Location: Yorke Peninsula.

Surveying Camp: 5 days during Term 4. Location: Mt Crawford.

Class 11

Practice trek: 3 days. Deep Creek Conservation Park.

Botany Trek: 7 days, connected with the Botany Main Lesson.  Location: Larrapinta Trail, Central Australia. 

Class 12

Excursion: 3 days, as part of the History of Modern Art Main Lesson. Location: Melbourne.