Children need the security of strong connections between their homes and the school. It is only through these links that we can truly support each other, so working in harmony with parents is a bedrock principle of our school. The involvement of parents in their children's education plays a significant part in the overall rewards that children reap at a Waldorf School. Thus our school offers parents many opportunities to become part of a community that has both a heart and a purpose.

The success of the parent teacher partnership relies strongly on developing understanding for the aims and intentions of Waldorf Education. Parents are encouraged to explore and appreciate the natural laws of child development which underpin the education. Waldorf Education is intrinsically founded on both the parent’s and teacher’s interest in such development and thrives on their collaboration.

We value a two-way exchange of information between parents and teachers, recognising parents’ aspirations for their children and knowledge of their children’s characteristics and needs. Sharing of information takes place in many formal and informal ways, from teacher home visits, individual parent interviews, parent-teacher meetings and after-school chats. Parents can also get to know the other families with whom their child is relating by assisting with classroom activities; tutoring individual children through the LAP program; helping maintain and beautify the school grounds at working bees; and assisting with excursions, festivals and fund raising. The annual Autumn Fair is the major fund-raising event and is also a wonderful representation of our school, attracting many visitors from outside the school community.

Finally, there are several opportunities for input into collaborative decision making with the teachers and school community groups via involvement with the various committees, particularly the School Council and Parents and Friends Association. Each class has a Class Representative who can be a significant contributor to the social and political fabric of the class.