Governance & Management

Willunga Waldorf School for Rudolf Steiner Education Inc.

Association Membership 

The Willunga Waldorf School is owned by an Incorporated Association and all staff and parents are eligible to be members of the Association.  The school is governed by a School Council in accord with it’s constitution a copy of which is available on the website.

Under the terms of the Association Constitution eligible members must formally register their interest in participating by lodging an application for membership by the end of the final week of Term 1.  This must be completed every year. The formal registration process is necessary to allow members voting rights at the AGM and must be renewed annually.  The date of the AGM is governed by legal requirements for reporting of the schools financial affairs and governance structures and under the Constitution the annual date is set by the school Council.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is usually held in May each year and the Notice of Meeting and relevant attachments are posted on this website prior to the meeting.  After the meeting is held, minutes as approved by the Chair are published and available to all members.  Interested parties are welcome to attend the AGM without being formal members but will not be eligible to vote on matters being considered. 

See School Council for details of structure, current membership and Annual Reporting.