Year 12 Project Presentations


Our year 12 students certainly lived up to the school's 'key words' when they shared their special project journeys on Saturday. Passion and determination, capability and resilience shone through their words and through the samples of practical work they allowed us to glimpse. But more than this, as a group, there was a great 'heart' quality. The students explored human beliefs and ideas; the challenges we face, as individuals and communities; and their journeys towards understanding themselves. They all showed a genuine interest in helping others. By the end of the day, we had heard eight remarkable stories and, as Holly said, 'probably needed a cup of tea'. It was a real privilege to be part of the audience: thank you, class 12!  Thanks to staff, parents and students

Our first in-school class 12 presentations were a great success for many reasons, not least the wonderful support given by great team of parents. Thanks to Albert for setting up the sound system and to class 10 parents (Bridget, Michael, Melanie, Corinna) and students for the catering effort. I would also like to acknowledge Adeshua who spent many hours with the students, helping them to prepare for this - the year's most demanding activity. Along with Adeshua and Class 12 Guardian David, Linn and Renee were seen taking notes throughout the day: as members of the project assessment panel, these four teachers carry a particularly weighty responsibility. Finally, to the students' mentors and supervisors: the special project is only possible thanks to your generous sharing of time, energy and expertise throughout the year. Thank you all!

Felicity Hickman, Educational Facilitator