Autumn Fair Success

It was the best fair ever!

Moving around the space was something like walking on air. I experienced being carried from one part of the school to another, drawn by sights and sounds, scents and a sense of wonder. There was warmth and beauty and connectedness wherever I turned. Parents, grandparents, students, teachers all clearly enjoyed the experience of working together. Baking, making, singing, selling, serving, watching, listening, playing, riding, relaxing… Every part of the school was ensouled with activity and every activity contributed to the overall richness of the Fair, and the sense of nourishment that visitors experienced: a real ‘Autumn Harvest’.

Thank you so much to all who contributed, whether making craft items or baking cakes or working on a stall/activity or managing publicity or parking or entertainment or electricals and equipment.  This is a truly wonderful community of which I feel blessed to be a part.

Felicity Hickman
Educational Facilitator